Gigi Kiersten

Hi, my name is Gigi Kiersten! I’m a thirty-something Digital Artist from San Antonio, Texas.  I create beautiful photo manipulations and retouch photos for a living.  However, I have always had a huge love for fashion. I just love putting together outfits and squeeing enthusiastically over pretty clothes! It’s that love for fashion that finally pushed me into creating this blog.  Beyond my interests in art and fashion, I also have a love for books, blogging, baking, and geeking out ove0r mythologly, sci-fi, and fantasy.

I’m also a co-parent to my five biological nieces and nephew that I’m raising alongside my parents.  Along with taking care of them, our home, and running after my two year old puppy Elmo my life is always busy, but in the end  fulfilling.  If you want to contact me, please check out my collaboration page and/or email me at: