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[Gigi’s Corner] The Midas Touch

When I originally wrote this post, I was flushed over my victory of conquering one my fashion fears. Now, a few weeks later I’m a little more settled. As someone with a skin disorder, it is really hard to feel comfortable showing any of my skin. You guys have probably noticed how I dress pretty conservatively for the most part. This is because I was diagnosed with a skin disorder in my early twenties in which I have spots all over my body. No, I don’t have leopardsy (thank goodness)!

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[Featured Article] A Conversation With Trina Morgan From Tipsy Heelz

I originally posted this article a few months ago. However, sadly to the reboot, I lost the original post. So I decided to repost it again as a tribute to my fashion blogger Trina Morgan from The Tipsy Heelz blog. We had a blast chatting about life, style inspiration, and everything in between. I first met Trina when she graciously allowed me to write a guest post on her blog. Since then, she has taken me under her wing and has become a pillar of my blogging tribe. So sit down, grab a chair, and enjoy my conversation with Trina…

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[Work] A Quick Easy Teal Wool Outfit Perfect For Meeting Clients

I rarely do any work outside of my home, so I typically don’t go to work for a regular 9 to 5 job everyday. However, I would totally wear this type of outfit to go meet with a client. It’s dressed up, but not too dressed up to be completely uncomfortable. The first thing is a-line wool jacket that is both professional and stylish. Under the jacket is a teal wool sweater. The sweater is in my favorite color range turquoise to teal. I just love those type of colors,and teal is perfect for this time of year. I am…

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[Casual] A Simple Orange Blazer and Jeans For The Mommy On The Go!

  Mom On The Go by dressthemup featuring shoulder handbags River Island short sleeve t shirt Doublju blazer jacket KUT from the Kloth ankle jeans Puma CAT footwear Ampere Creations shoulder handbag Axara genuine leather belt $32 – As a stay at home parent,  I am often too busy for picking out a nice outfit. I know I should pick out my clothes the night before, but I’m too lazy most of the time.  So of course, I have to scramble to pick out an outfit the next day that will be not only be comfortable…

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[Evening] An Elegant Plum Velvet Cocktail Dress

<h Elegant In Velvet by dressthemup featuring leather shoes This is my first outfit for the reboot, and isn’t it pretty! This elegant dress is perfect for a night on the town. Sexy enough to get plenty of attention, but elegant enough that you can wear this out to a nice dinner without scandalizing any of the patrons. So the first thing I picked is this beautiful Gina Bacconi plus size dress from Navabi.  It’s expensive, and as always I have a nice cheaper alternative for you nice folks. I also have this pretty faux fur coat. When it comes…

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Welcome Back!

When I went on my month-long hiatus, I would never imagined for one second that I would lose everything for not the first time but the THIRD FREAKING TIME! it seems to me that this blog unlike any other blogs I have ever created in past tends to go through a lot of revolutions and reboots. This time is no different! For a moment I struggled over the decision of rebooting versus just calling it quits. In that one dark moment, I considered just shutting down ‘Dress Them Up’ for good. then my stubbornness came into play and I realized…

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