Dress Blues | Sam/Jack (Stargate SG-1)

So this is definitely a throwback set! One of the first fandoms I ever got into was “Stargate SG –1” and I immediately started shipping Jack O’Neill and Sam Carter together. Even after all this time, I still ship these. So, I want to do something to honor my first real ship.

I have done wedding sets before, but I always thought even back then, that Sam and Jack’s wedding would simple, elegant with not a lot of fuss. I also thought would need a cool to incorporate where they met and fell in love. They  met due to their careers in the Air Force. So I thought that I would make Sam and  Jack’s wedding colors blue, white, and silver. I knew I couldn’t do anything to the dress itself, so the best way to incorporate their wedding colors was through the accessories.

One of the biggest things that I love about this set is how at first it looks very simple, but when you take a look at the detailing on  the dress such as the draping over the shoulder and at the waist it because a bit more complicated. And since Amanda Tapping, the actress that played Sam Carte had  very defined shoulders I thought this was the perfect gown to show that off.

I didn’t add Jack’s suit to this set, because  I mostly see him in his dress uniform for his wedding.  I know in the show that they did have a sort-of canon wedding scene. However, I disregard that scene because A) the peple who should have been there wasn’t there such as Cassie Fraiser, and Teal’c and B) I do not see Sam loving anything related to the color pink. So, yeah the wedding in the show was totally OOC for the characters in my own opinon, and I subitute that reality and insert my better dressed reality!

Monique lhuillier dress

Wedding shoes